Media Guidelines

We are happy to be working partners with the media. We have outlined these policies to
facilitate our partnership.

Building Access (Monday-Friday, Regular Business Day)
All media must call ahead before conducting interviews or shooting footage on-site in the building. To schedule access to Ford Park, please call the Sales & Marketing Department at 409.951.5404. Once on the property, you must sign in at the front desk.

Building Access (Event Day)
All event promoters require media to possess event specific press and photo passes when covering their event. (See Press Passes and Reviewer Tickets below.) Ford Park also requires an escort for photographers (and sometimes reporters) in addition to the press/photo passes.

Press Passes and Reviewer Tickets
All requests for photo passes and reviewer tickets are subject to promoter approval, and sometimes approval by another party (tour manager, publicist, etc.) so requests must be made 3 days IN ADVANCE. (No request will be honored on day of show.) Please make your photo pass or reviewer ticket request in writing to with the name of the media outlet, name and cell phone of the reporter and/or photographer assigned, at least 3 days prior to the event. If your outlet has written a story or done something to advance the show, it would be helpful to attach it to your request. You will be notified if your request is approved. Please note: Only one reporter and one photographer per media outlet will be submitted for approval.

Parking for Media
Media representatives working an event may park an authorized vehicle (with logo and name) in the parking lot without charge. You must make prior arrangements if you need a station vehicle any place other than a normal parking space. Please call for special requests.