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Additional Ticket Information

Children 8 years old and under are FREE with a paid adult ticket.



Registration will be at the con day of the contest, forms will be on hand next to the main stage. You can enter at the show at the sign-up table next to the stage. Come dressed up!

So you've been thinking about being in the cosplay contest, huh? Well want to win some money too? 

ADULTS CONTEST - Saturday @ 3pm 

(16 and up, 1 contest includes singles, teams, duos etc...)
1st Place 500.00 CASH
2nd Place 200.00 CASH
3rd Place 100.00 CASH

KIDS CONTEST - Sunday @ 3pm.

(15 and under)
1st Place 100.00 CASH
2nd Place 50.00 CASH
3rd Place 25.00 CASH
Runner up prizes 5.00 each.



2 Contests, one Saturday (Nov. 9) and one Sunday (Nov. 10) @ 3PM both days.

Saturday contest (Single category) - Adults only (16 and up), you can enter by yourself, a team, or even a group!

Sunday contest (Single category) - Kids only (15 and under), you can enter by yourself, a team, or even a group!

-NO weapons that shoot/real weapons
-NO fake guns with ammunition (i.e. Nerf guns may not have ammo in them)
-NO swords, knives, or anything sharp
-NO flammable substances
-NO costumes that emit flames, gas, etc.
-NO nudity, as this is a PG contest




11am Cosplay makeup (make your face stand out)by ChelSeam Cosplay

1230pm Handlers (the Unsung heroes of Cosplayers) By ChelSeam Cosplay

2pm Toys of the 80's & 90's" a study of the toy culture supported TV cartoons, commercials and comics. by Fat Dad Fan Boy

4pm Creating Indie Comics We will discuss the process of creating and self-publishing comic books. The world of comics has changed with the introduction of print-on-demand, digital platforms, and crowdfunding. We will give insight into how we create comics and how others can learn from our successes and opportunities. By Last Century Comics


11am Cosplay makeup (last longer) By ChelSeam Cosplay

1230pm Starburst Method of Cosplay buy ChelSeam Cosplay

2pm Saturday Mornings in Kiddom" this will be a study in the culture of Saturday Mornings from the late 70's to the early 90's A talk about the cartoons, commercials, and breakfast cereals .By Fat Dad Fan Boy

4pm Last Century Comics Universe We will discuss our characters and our comic book universe. We will pull the curtain back and give a behind the scene look at how we create our unique characters and brand. The audience will also learn about our upcoming projects and plans. By Last Century Comics


  • Gamer's Heaven (Games, Comics, Toys)
  • Super Soldier Customs (Marvel Legends and customs)
  • 2nd and Charles (Comics, Collectibles, nerdy stuff)
  • SnS Collectibles (PoPs, ART, toys)
  • Julie's Costume Aprons, LLC, Julie Morris &Lizz Jelsma (homemade aprons, costumes, and crocheted items)
  • Jenni Bean Plush (Handmade stuffed animals, buttons, art)
  • Lyons Den (Comics, Toys, Art, collectibles, cosplay)
  • Vamptropolis (Dolls, Jewelry, keychains & more - all Pop inspired)
  • Book Stan (Comics, Action Figures, gaming, CCGs more)
  • Alter Ego Comics and Games (comics, figures, games art)
  • The Nerd Zone (Funko Products, Trading Card Games)
  • Gearstrop (Art)
  • Linda Pittillo (Author of several Sci-Fi books)
  • Matthew Kalanta (Comcs, Toys, Art, Cards)
  • Adam Raime and Emily Selleck (Books)
  • Nila D Bond (Self published book, bookmarks, knitted hats)
  • Lyons Den Cosplay Team (cosplay pics)
  • 10th Planet Beaumont
  • Shadow Ware Productions (Chainmail bags, jewelry more)
  • MyEgo entertainment (art and merch)
  • Pamela Lindsey (comic books and Toys)
  • Kelly Brewer (Sci-Fi Book The Deepening:First Contact)
  • Jenni Le (art)
  • Aaron Williamson (Art, Prints and Comic Books)
  • Sew in Love (Costuming, Handcrafted items)
  • Creative Undertakings (crochet monsters, 3D printed artwork, toys and more )
  • T3 Entertainment (Tabletop Gaming accessories, drinkware)
  • Wicked Bayou Candles (Candles, wax melts, Air Fresheners)
  • Geeky Gorgeous (Artwork and Jewelry)
  • Valerie Simoneaux (Art)
  • Hite's TCG Plus (non sport cards, Pokemon)
  • Last Century Comics (comic books)
  • Greg Kelso and Jessica Escamilla (authors)
  • Reagan Hawkins (Art)
  • Shane Lassetter (books, 3D art, more)
  • Josh Wilson (art and photography)
  • Cyphacon
  • Derek Stringer (art and toys)
  • Kevin Curtis and Robert Poore (art and merch)
  • Hangout Game Center (toys, video games, board games more)
  • Terry Wagner (comics and art)
  • John Randall (art)
  • Studio TurtlewurX (shadow boxes, props, posters)
  • Allen Grimes A Grimes Studio (artwork and prints)
  • Starfleet International Fan Club
  • Midnite Ink Graphix (art)
  • Shadow Ware Productions (chainmail bags, jewelry cosplay)
  • Flamingeek Art
  • Comics Kingdom (vintage and current comic books)
  • Roger Hulett (art)
  • Art of Johnny Segura
  • Ashley Gates (art)
  • Johnny Casarez (hot sauce and Jerky)
  • Zoa Glitz (Fantasy jewelry, glitter tattoos)
  • Ken Kidder (self created gaming)
  • Lost City Comics


General parking is FREE.

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If you would like to be a vendor please email us at

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